Step 1: Why Teaching Awards?

Carrying out this project can benefit and engage different stakeholders in different ways…


  • Raise the profile of good teaching making it more of a priority for staff across the institution
  • Learn more about what students value in learning and teaching
  • Empower students to get involved in improving learning and teaching
  • Improve student satisfaction in areas rated low on the National Student Survey, such as feedback and assessment


  • Identify and share teaching best practice and improve professional standards
  • Redress the balance of focus between research and teaching
  • Promote the excellent teaching that is taking place at the institution
  • Provide qualitative evidence to inform institutional strategies on issues such as employability, use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) or Enhancement Led Institutional Review (ELIR) submissions.

Students’ Unions

  • Raise the profile and political capital of the students’ association with decision makers
  • Introduce a wider range of students to the work of the students’ association and drive up involvement in students’ unions work, and participation in students’ unions elections
  • Expand and improve networks of class representatives
  • Generate an evidence base for specific campaign issues, such as feedback on assessment, postgraduate supervision, or quality of mentors, for example.

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