UHI Award Categories

UHI chose their award categories based on input from a workshop on teaching which they ran at their Student Council.  The awards were mostly theme based and included awards for student advisors and dissertation supervisors as well as tutors. The themes reflected the different nature of teaching at UHI compared to other HEIs. The categories were:

  • Most inspiring lecturer: This award recognises lecturers who demonstrate the ability to inspire students to achieve as much as they can through their approach to teaching and their engagement with both students and subject content.
  • Best dissertation supervisor: This award recognises supervisors who show exceptional commitment and ability to help students undertake a piece of self-directed research.
  • Greatest expertise in VC delivery: This award recognises tutors who demonstrate an exceptional use of video-conferencing technology to enhance the UHI student experience.
  • Most engaging online tutor: This award recognises online tutors who are able to engage, motivate and inspire students through their exceptional use of the UHI virtual learning environment.
  • Best assessment feedback: This award recognises tutors who excel in the provision of feedback to students and recognise the central importance of feedback in the student learning experience.
  • Best Student Advisor: This award recognise staff who excel in the provision of support and guidance to individual students through their role as Student Adviser.
  • Most innovative lecturer: This award recognises tutors who use unusual and innovative methods to bring their subject alive and engage students through out of the ordinary approaches to their teaching.

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