Glasgow Caledonian Award Categories

These award categories were thematic. This format and the award categories themselves were based around comments made by students at GCUSA’s Student Summit 2009 as to what they viewed good teaching to be.

To pin down the comments made by students other good practice of teaching awards were looked at and the Students’ Association also collaborated with staff from the teaching academy to set some strict criteria in place for judging the awards. Discussion sessions were held with large groups of class reps at our annual half a day conference about what they thought an effective lecturer/teacher was. GCUSA collated the responses from the students and came up with 5 rough themes surrounding effective teaching

Award categories were as follows:

  • Effective teaching that: Helps make sense of the subject.
  • Effective teaching that: That inspires and motivates learning.
  • Effective teaching that: Offers support and recognizes students as individuals.
  • Effective teaching that: Offers timely and constructive feedback.
  • Effective teaching that: Makes best use of technology to support learning.

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