Getting sponsorship

For the awards you want to run, you may need a bit more cash than you have available at your association or institution. This is where getting external sponsorship might help.

Of the project partners, only EUSA decided to go for external sponsorship, which was easier for them as they had run previous awards. Here’s a few tips from their experience if you’re looking for outside support:

  • explain what the project’s all about, emphasise the positives and be clear about what you’ll be using the money for
  • look for sponsors who are relevant to what you are doing – EUSA got sponsorship from Vitae for their Postgraduates who Teach award and Price Waterhouse Cooper (a big graduate employer) for their employability award
  • be realistic about how much money you really need and they might be likely to give – EUSA got £500 from Vitae and £1500 from PWC
  • emphasise the positives for them – the awards will be attended by x number of staff and x number of students, and previous awards have been covered by local and national press etc

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