What next?

What happens after you give out your awards to the lucky winners? Is that the end of your awards?

However you decided to award your winners, make sure people know who was victorious. Students and staff will both be interested to find out who was nominated and who won, so ensure that both are informed. Think about taking out articles in both the student media and any university magazines. One of the best things about the awards is the opportunity to celebrate success as a community, and it’s important to let as many people share this as possible. Some students’ unions even managed to generate local and national press coverage with their awards, so think about putting together a press release.

SLTAs create a rich body of data that can help inform your picture of what students think good teaching looks like, though it can seem daunting to commit to doing something with it. However, there are straightforward actions that can be taken which will still help you win your education campaigns. Many unions have commented on how useful it is to have a ‘bank’ of student comments on learning and teaching which can be used in speeches, training, reports and campaigns alike.

Your institution’s Learning and Teaching Unit might be a good place to start, as they could well be keen to inform their work with these student views on excellent teaching. Working with them to analyse your results will not only improve your working relationship but also create data which will give your education campaigns more gravitas.

The important thing is that you don’t let your hard work this year go to waste. Think about how your awards can be embedded in your union’s work in a sustainable way, and how you might be able to use the results (and hopefully goodwill) generated by the awards.

Take a look at our ‘Case Studies’ section to see what other students’ unions have done!

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