The Awards

“Thank you. Thank you for not only a fun and upbeat evening, but for renewing my faith that what we do is valued and valuable. It means such a lot to know that we’ve made a difference to the students we teach and that they’ve cared enough to take time out to document it.” – Teaching Award winner from Glasgow Caledonian University

Most presented trophies or certificates to the award winners, none felt it appropriate to awards any kind of cash prize.
You can make your awards more sustainable and reduce the cost of future awards schemes by buying reusable trophies which you engrave with the winners’ names that they keep for a year and return, alongside certificates, or smaller trophies which they could keep forever.
UWS Teaching Award

UWS 21st Century Teaching Award

Abertay kept the large glass winners trophies, engraved with their names, in a glass cabinet in the students’ centre, so they would be seen by lots of people.
HWUSA used framed certificates alongside their reusable trophies, so staff could display them in their offices. Many had certificates which were signed by institution staff as well as the student representative.
Strathclyde gave the winners a crystal decanter and glasses with the award title and year of their award and a bottle of whisky.
Strathclyde put a chosen quote from the nominations on the certificate given to shortlisted candidates to personalise it and make them even more special.

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