For staff development

Student comments from your awards will be a really useful resource to share with staff, for early and mid-career staff development, particularly as what is valued by students isn’t always what people assume.

Birmingham City are working alongside their Centre of enhancement learning and Teaching, who wholly support embedding the results of the SLTA Project within the PG Certificate course for September 2013. The students’ union Student Partnership Coordinator will be meeting with departmental staff to design the course and optimistically develop the session into a full module with students leading and teaching from 2014. Additionally, Birmingham City are recruiting students’ to capture some nominations verbally, a resource which will be used as a teaching aid when carrying out the PG Certificate course.

The key is to ensure that you are not compromising academic freedom by telling academic staff what to do, it is about making staff aware of what students value in learning and teaching.

Cumbria Students’ Union have conducted videos with the winners, which along with an analysis of their nominations, will form the basis of the substantial bulk of the further learning material. The SU will be working with University Academic Quality & Development learning technology colleagues to incorporate these findings into academic staff development materials.

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