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Through the support of the project institutions have been moving beyond running the awards to using the outcomes from them to enhance the student experience.  Some institutions have been looking at ways in which the nomination data can be used in staff development, enhancing practice and in campaigns. This section provides some examples of this work.

This project not only celebrates great teaching but also creates an opportunity for students’ unoins to use their data sets to build partnership relationships with the institution. Many Students’ Unions noted the enthusiastic response from institutional senior management and academic staff when attending their award ceremonies. This created a starting point for future partnership relationships.

Case study: Bangor Students’ Union held ‘Share & Inspire’ Lectures. These were carried out across 2 nights and were attended by University staff, students and Students’ Union staff and sabbatical officers.

Explore this section to see what other exciting initiatives have taken place as a result of carrying out the student led teaching awards project.

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