What students’ unions say…

We asked students’ unions the following question:

‘What, above all, has been the best part of running the student led teaching awards project?’

Here’s what they said…

‘Working alongside the institution and improving our already successful partnership’

‘Finding excellent practice around the University that we didn’t know we had’

‘Getting students to think about what good teaching looks like. And the University realising that our students know!’

‘Allowing students the opportunity to prove that they have well informed and engaging notions of teaching excellence, which the University and Students’ Unions had been cynical about’

‘Identifying what students percieve as good teaching practice’

‘It has given us a real illustration about how good our University actually is and how we should celebrate this as one body’

‘I like how the SLTAs are build up over the year and continue after the celebration –┬áthe students are really excited for next year!’

‘The positive reaction from students and staff. Not having to fight to get students to take part!’

‘The positive response from students and staff- it’s incredible for people to react so enthusiastically with very little persuasion from us’

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