UWS Award Categories

UWS awards were themed around learning and teaching issues such as personal tutors, employability, use of innovative teaching methods, feedback etc. The Depute President, Education & Welfare, using research previously undertaken with students to direct the categories, submitted a draft of the awards to the student councils who then suggested any changes before approving them.

  • Best Personal Tutor: This award aims to recognise personal tutors who show a commitment to their students, who are approachable and helpful.
  • Most Nominated School: This award will recognise the School who is nominated the most. Relative size of schools will be taken into account when deciding the winner of this award.
  • Best Supervisor: This award aims to recognise supervisors who show a commitment and ability to help students in undertaking a piece of self-directed research.
  • Be Inspired Award: This award aims to recognise Lecturers or tutors who through inspirational teaching, inspire students to further develop knowledge of a subject area outside of class time.
  • 21st Century Teaching Award: This award aims to recognise lecturers or tutors who bring their subject alive by using unusual or innovative teaching methods. Innovative teaching methods should help students engage with their learning by making the issues interesting in a way that it may not have been before.
  • Lecturer of the 21st Century Award: This award aims to recognise lecturers, tutors or supervisors who students think perform highly overall. The winner of this award could be well organised, use innovative teaching methods, provide detailed and timely feedback, etc.
  • Fantastic Feedback: This award aims to recognise a teacher who gives great feedback. Good feedback could be detailed comments, including how to improve, worded in a positive way. Promptness of feedback is also important, feedback should at least be returned before the deadline for the next piece of work.
  • Most Organised Module: This award aims to recognise the module which is the most organised. The organisation of a module can include room changes being well publicised to students well in advance, the learning outcomes from the module being made clear to students and the assessment methods and time frames of the module being made clear to students as early as possible. This award will go to the module co-coordinator of the winning module.
  • Promoting Employability: This award aims to recognise a teacher who helps students to understand, and actively promotes, the employable skills which a student will achieve on completion of a module or course of study. They could also be a teacher who is always happy to talk to students about career options and requirements, or who offers advice on how the student could gain required experience.
  • Interactive Teaching: This award aims to recognise the teacher who aims to hold classes, tutorials, seminars etc. in an interactive style. They may conduct lessons with plenty of time for students to ask questions throughout, or encourage student discussion or other interactive learning techniques.

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