Strathclyde Award Categories

Strathclyde’s awards worked closely with the institution so categories were decided upon jointly by the University and USSA. Innovative was chosen as the university was engaging in wide ranging discussion on the form and delivery of teaching and were keen to see examples of best practice. There were two, quite broad awards, but the criteria were more specific and reflected what students felt

  • Outstanding Teacher Award: outstanding teaching which is stimulating, enthusiastic and consistently challenging, stemming from expert knowledge of the subject, how to teach it and how learners learn. Contact with students is encouraged, available and helpful. Discussion, debate, co-operation, and peer to peer assessment among students are encouraged. Encourages and facilitates active learning. Gives prompt and formative feedback.
  • Innovative Teacher Award: Innovation in learning, teaching and assessment. Outstanding contribution to leading edge content and curriculum design. Enhancing the reputation of the university’s learning and teaching internally, nationally or internationally

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