How to work with existing Awards

A number of institutions already run some form of awards for their staff, so it’s important to make sure these don’t conflict or compete with yours.

Your institution probably already has an award scheme of some description. However many of our members find that they rely heavily on things like ‘innovation’, evidence of hard pedagogical research through production of research papers and are almost always selected by academics or management and not students. In fact where student are able to at least nominate, it is rare their choice will win because actually, students recognise really good teachers. None of this producing papers in L&T rubbish – just someone who goes above and beyond or is just really engaging.

HWUSA always held a ‘Graduating Students Award’ where final year students could nominate lecturers, and awards were presented at graduation.

Edinburgh University already awards a ‘Principal’s Award for Teaching’ which funds staff for innovative teaching projects. This is a different type of scheme and therefore worked complementary to the student-led teaching awards, and is viewed very differently by staff.

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