Your Selection Panel

Teaching Award Winners at Abertay

Teaching Award Winners at Abertay

Your choice of selection panel will be important to ensure your award decisions are made well, but also received well. As the student-led nature of the awards is key, there will clearly need to be students represented on the panel, however, you may also want to involve institution or association staff in the decision making process. It will also be important to ensure that the student representation on the panel can be representative of the student body as a whole. However, you will need to strike the balance between representation and ensuring a decision can be reached effectively.

Most project partners reported that a day was set aside for the selection panel to decide on shortlists and winners so make sure your panel has time available for this.

Example panels

Writtle College

The panel was to include the SU Academic Sabbatical Officer, SU President and a few different course reps. There was an undergrad rep from each school in HE, a postgrad rep and an FE rep.  The panel then meet for the first time all together in early March to discuss the projects. 

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