Manchester Students’ Union:

‘In 2011/12 we had 40 nominations from 200 students, this year we had 700 nominations engaging nearly 1300 students! You can find out a bit more about the categories and the winners here: https://manchesterstudentsunion.com/unionawards and https://manchesterstudentsunion.com/teachingawards. We presented the awards alongside our SU awards where we invited the lecturers and the students to attend, which was really successful!’.

Luke Newton, Education Officer

Royal Northern College of Music:

‘It was a very successful event this year – like last year – with all students and staff alike, appreciating what a useful, lovely event and exercise it was’.

Amy Webber, Student Union President


‘We carried out the SLTA project this year at Cranfield College across both our campuses. Shrivenham campus has finished the project and are currently waiting for a suitable date to host the awards ceremony for the winners! Shrivenham campus have received more nominations in areas that were poor last year as well as lots of different  people being nominated and winning compared to last year, which was good!

The project and awards ceremony at Cranfield was very good and got great feedback from University staff and students. Additionally, the University has agreed to announce winners at graduation ceremonies, which will be fantastic promotion of the project and the hard work carried out. We will be running it again next year and will be trying to target specific groups of students and courses, as well as trying to get the overall nomination numbers up!’.

Martin Davey, General Manager (CSA), CSA.


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