NUS Scotland promotional materials

The projects for 2010/11 all held a Student Led Teaching Awards ceremony.

For more information, click on the links to the associations’ own Teaching Awards pages.

Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council – ‘Prizes for Excellent Teachers’ (PETS) – held on March 22nd 2011

Edinburgh University Students’ Association – Teaching Awards – ceremony held on March 23rd 2011

Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association – I Love My Tutor – ceremony held on March 24th 2011

Univerity of Abertay Dundee Students’ Assocation – ceremony held on March 30th 2011

University of the West of Scotland Students’ Association – ceremony held on April 15th 2011

Dundee University Students’ Association – ‘Inspire Awards’ – ceremony held in early May 2011

University of Strathclyde Students’ Association – ‘Teaching Excellence Awards’ – ceremony held on April 15th 2011

Robert Gordon University Students’ Association – I Love My Lecturer – ceremony held early May 2011

Stirling Students’ Union – ‘Recognising Achievement in Teaching Excellence’ (RATE) – ceremony held on May 19th 2011

University of the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association – Teaching Awards – ceremonies held throughout the graduation period later in 2011.

Here are some promotional materials from the 2010/2011 Student Led Teaching Awards projects carried out across Scotland

Promotional postcard for Edinburgh’s Teaching Awards

Promotional flyer for UHI Teaching Awards

Promotional flyer for Strathclyde TEA Awards

Edinburgh promo slide for display at lectures

Edinburgh Teaching Awards A3 promotional poster

UHISA promotional poster

Edinburgh Teaching Awards Nominees poster

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